I got my F (full) License!

After only studying for 2 months I decided to do the exam for the Full Radio Amateur License and I passed it!!!

This licence compares to the extra license in the USA and is just the highest license you can get when you’re a radio amateur. Now I can use my license in even more countries than before. Also if we were to move to another country I could, in most cases, just get the full license in the country we’re moving to.

I’m also looking forward to start using all the new bands that I’m allowed to use now. The novice (N) license I had, gave me rights to use the 10, 20 and 40 meter bands in HF and the 2 meter and 70 centimeter bands in VHF / UHF. Now I can use all the bands which is A LOT more! 🙂 Also the power I can use is a lot more; 25 watt with my old license and 400 watt with the new one.

It will take a week or 2 before the administration is done so until then I can think of what the new call sign will be. A novice license in the Netherlands starts with PD. For the full license I can not use this so I think I will make it start with PA, PC or PE, I’m not sure yet.



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