Contest results on Google Maps

Previous weekend I entered another radio amateur contest. This time I wanted to use a nice new feature of my logging software.

This is the option where it can make a google map from all the contacts I made!

For those of you interested; the contest was the “CQ WP WPX SSB Contest 2013”.
It’s one of the big ones from the USA. Again I participated only for fun because I just didn’t have enough time to do more than that!

I made in the end 150 contacts all over the world! Not bad considering that I’m only using my indoor attic dipoles and 100w.

My biggest distances were The Philippines, Indonesia and Uruguay. All of them were around 11000 km (around 7000 miles).

So below is the map. Just click on the map to get a bigger version!

My contest results on Google Maps

My contest results on Google Maps

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