How many novice radio amateurs are actually pirates?!

funny pirateJust wondering….

Today I saw the QRZ page of a Dutch Novice radio amateur. He had a Youtube movie on his page in which he made a QSO with an American operator in which he told the American OM that he was using 1 Kilowatt of power.

I wonder if the American OM knew than that he was talking to a pirate?!

Let me quickly explain. In the Netherlands where I live you have 2 types of licenses. The Novice (starter) license and the Full (HAREC) license. I started as a Novice some time ago and quickly upgraded to Full.

The maximum legal power of a Full license holder is 400 watt here in the Netherlands, but the Novice license holder can only use 25 watts!

So the Novice guy in the Youtube movie was actually using 40 times more power than he is allowed according to his license. In other words he was acting as a pirate; not operating according to the rules of his license. And he is not the only one.

I don’t think I ever met a Novice operator that was using 25 watt or less. I’m sure it is like this all over the world, not only here in the Netherlands.

I guess it can be compared to driving to fast; if you do have a driving license but you drive to fast it’s not correct but also not the biggest crime in the world. Although if you drive 40 times the speed allowed you have a lot of explaining to do when you finally get caught! 😉

Another thing to think about; what will happen if you made a QSO in a contest with a person that is using to much power? Does the QSO count or is this like talking to a pirate and should the QSO be seen as invalid?

Let me know what you think of all of this. Are the rules there to be followed and obeyed or is this not such a big deal?

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