I got another one!

My two UV-3r Handhelds

My two UV-3r Handhelds

I got another one; the Baofeng UV-3r+! Β On a rainy Sunday afternoon, after browsing a bit on internet I went to this Chinese website that sells HAM radio stuff. I already bought a few small transmitters there and some other stuff and I decided to get another one of these small handhelds.

They are almost perfect copies of the Yaesu VX-3r, and they are very cheap! Whereas the Yaesu VX-3r costs around 200 USD, the Baofeng UV-3r+ is less than 50 USD(!)

Previous time I bought the blue one in the picture above. Why blue? Because it’s not boring black; the color most transmitters seem to have!

This time I went for the camouflage one. I’m certain that, if I ever go in the forest with this one I should watch out with dropping it, because I will never find it back! πŸ˜‰ It looks cute though!

Baofeng, the maker of these handhelds, Β is a Chinese company that makes these little transmitters plus also bigger ones. They are like the walkie talkies I used to have when I was young, only the Baofeng covers the 2m and 70cm radio amateur bands(!)

I’m not a big user of these bands but thats not the point. I’m sure most gadget lovers will agree; it’s not the question if you need it, but if you want it! πŸ˜‰

Next to this handheld I also bought a few small antennas, converter plugs and other stuff, shown in the picture below. In total I spent only 80 USD! If I would buy all this stuff over here I would easily spend more than 250 USD.

So I’m sure this is not my last visit to the Chinese HAM shop! πŸ˜€

The rest of my order

The rest of my order

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