I got the contesting bug!

I just keep learning with this radio amateur hobby and what better way to learn than by doing the things! I have done 6 contests already in the last 6 weeks.

I started with the CQ World Wide DX Contest, the biggest of the year. After that the Ukranian DX Contest and the Worked All Europe RTTY DX Contest (my first RTTY contest).

The 4th one was the LZ DX Contest (from Bulgaria) followed by the Tara RTTY Melee and the EPC Ukraine DX Contest (BPSK63 digital mode).

Of all the contests I did 3 SSB (voice) ones and 3 digital ones (2 times RTTY and once BPSK63).

Until now it was all just trying out the equipment but I think the time has come to start doing the contests for real. I need to prepare a bit better for this and really work most of the 24 hours or 48 hours of the contest!


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