I’m an EPC member!

After I got more into the digital modes I started investigating this a bit more and found out that there is a real digital modes club! It’s a club for people that do PSK digital modes and will give you certificates for achievements, like doing and / or winning contests. I guess it’s normal in this hobby that prices mostly comprise of PDF certificates that you need to print out yourself. There just is no money to be made in HAM radio!

But ok, I decided to get a (free) membership of the EPC (European PSK Club). What it will mean for me I’m not sure. I do know I start appreciating the digital modes more and more, so being member of a club focused on this cannot hurt. Maybe I will even start actively participating in the club. I’m sure I will meet some interesting people here all over the world!

The distances you can do with these digital modes are impressive. In some modes it can be 1 watt per 1000 km, which means that with 20 watt you can go around the world! In the end this is also part of the hobby; getting that far away talk with minimal equipment, antennas and power!

I’m of to a good start; I got my first (PDF) certificate from the EPC! This is one that I didn’t need to do much for though. It’s the membership certificate, customized with my name and callsign (PA1CA).

EPC certificate PA1CA

EPC certificate for PA1CA

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