It’s a Christmas Miracle (antenna) !

Miracle Whip Antenna - PA1CA

The Miracle Whip Antenna

I got myself a Miracle Whip antenna! Although the things I read about it weren’t al that positive, I decided I wanted to get one anyway.

Why did I get one after reading all these mixed reviews? Well, I was missing a HF antenna for one specific situation. 🙂

Imagine walking in a forrest and all of a sudden you see the most perfect location for making some quick contacts on the radio.

Or imagine another situation; sitting at a picnic table waiting for the BBQ to warm up or the burgers to become ready. You only have 20 minutes to make those few contacts so you need to setup things quickly!

In these situations you don’t want to mess around with putting up a wire antenna, tuning it and then making your contacts. Especially if, after setting the things up, you find out propagation isn’t all that great! In these situations you want a, no hassle, easy to set up antenna. Enter the Miracle Whip Antenna!

MFJ-901B Manual Tuner

The MFJ-901B Manual Tuner

Now this antenna has also the possibility to connect a random length wire to it. I found that this doesn’t work all that well.
If I want to use a random length wire antenna or end fed antenna I prefer to use my little MFJ manual tuner (the MFJ-901B).

This one tunes almost anything, with the built in balun, and works a lot better than the miracle whip! But of course than I would be using a wire again and this is what I didn’t want in this situation.

By the way, the Miracle Whip also tunes almost anything! I managed to get an SWR 1:1 tuning a paperclip. I didn’t try making contacts with that, but maybe that will be the next experiment with this antenna! 🙂

Here is a short video I made with my first contact with the Miracle Whip. I’m very happy with my new antenna because it fits exactly the purpose for which I bought it!


I opened up the Miracle Whip antenna and decided to make a picture of the inside and share it in my blog.

It looks pretty well made I think. So here it is!

Miracle Whip inside

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