Look what I got from China! A TCXO!

TCXO from China
Lately I have discovered online shopping in Chinese shops. Because everything is so very cheap over there, comparing to our prices in the west, it’s easy to buy more than you need!

I bought also several radio amateur things, of which I will write in a few blogs.

The first thing I bought is really something I would not have bought for the regular, western, price. It’s a component for my FT-817nd radio. It will increase the value of it and can help me when I’m doing the digital modes, especially WSPR.

The component is called a TCXO (Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator), and is used to keep the frequency that I’m using stable.

Normally, because of the temperature, the frequency will change slightly over time when you’re transmitting. The TCXO will keep it stable. This is especially important with the digital modes because the bandwidth of a signal is very small.

So, how much did I pay?! In china they sell for 17 euro (21 USD) including Shipping.  In the western countries, the official component will set you back 88 euros (110 USD) not including shipping. So I can buy 5 Chinese TCXO’s for 1 Western TCXO!!

Now of course the Chinese component isn’t the official one that is sold by the big companies, but if it works good (which it does), why should I buy the real thing!?

For now I’m very happy with it, and also with the extra money in my wallet! 😉


People are asking me where they can buy one. I bought mine at www.aliexpress.com

This is a Chinese site where Chinese companies can sell their products. Just go there and search for “ft-817 TCXO”

..or just click here for a quick link


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