My 1st Contest; CQ World Wide DX!

CQ WW DX Contest 2012

After buying the linear and optimizing my coax cables (I replaced all the RG58 with Aircell 7) I decided it is time for my first contest!

Every Radio Amateur knows that around this time of the year there is the CQ World Wide DX Contest! This is one of the most popular contest of the year, maybe even THE most popular one!

It will be my first contest so I’m a little bit nervous about how I will do in this, and if I will “screwup” in it somehow. I guess I have to start somewhere and maybe this very popular contest is just the right place to start! I will participate in the single operator category, all band, high power. This will give me a chance to try out all my gear and also enjoy my new Full license! 🙂

More on how it went in one of  my next blogs….




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