My new call sign; PA1CA

I got my new call sign! After thinking a lot about it I chose PA1CA. There are a few reasons for this.

First of all; I’m used to the suffix; 1CA, because my old call sign was PD1CA. When trying to call someone in a pileup you often just repeat your suffix…. over and over again….. so I’m used to using this. By keeping the same suffix as I already had, I will make less mistakes in the future.

The PA as a prefix is recognizable all over the world as a prefix from the Netherlands. Most Radio Amateurs will also know that it’s the prefix of the Full License and not of the Novice license (which is PD).

All in all, maybe it’s not the most creative call sign (more or less what I already had) but it’s the most practical one I think! 🙂

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