My talk with the King of Spain

The armor of the royalty of Spain

The Royal Armor

In my previous post I spoke about the conversation I had on Sunday with the King of Spain. Some people asked me what we talked about and if we had a nice conversation. Because this was a radio amateur contest the talk we had was very short but friendly.

To give you an idea how such a conversation goes I made a transcript of my talk with His Majesty. This is it:

Him: CQ King of Spain contest, this is EA0JC QRZ?
Me : Papa Alpha one Charlie Alpha
Him: One Charlie Alpha, repeat your callsign ??
Me : Papa Alpha one Charlie Alpha
Him: Papa Alpha one Charlie Alpha, you’re 59 SMR
Me : Thank you for SMR, you’re 59 57
Him: 57 QSL, thank you 73
Me : 73 good luck!

Its clear I guess that we didn’t swap any recipes! 😉 The whole contact wasn’t more than 30 seconds but this is how it goes in a Radio Amateur contest!

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