New version of my DX Cluster app for Android!

Screenshot Mircules DX Cluster Lite

I put a new version of my app; Mircules HAM DX Cluster for Android, in the Google play store!

After a lot of testing I finally put this version live.

This is the first version that has Bluetooth CAT support for the popular Yaesu FT-8×7 radios!

What’s New ?

  • I added the 60m (5 mHz) band
  • I added automatic refresh every 5 minutes. This needs to be turned ON in the settings.
  • I added Bluetooth CAT support for the Yaesu FT-817nd and FT-857d. This is the first (beta) version of CAT support so any bug reports are greatly appreciated! Go to our website ( for more info or visit our YouTube channel.
  • General bug fixes.

You’re probably wondering why the Yaesu FT-897 is not mentioned in the CAT Bluetooth functionality? This is because I didn’t have such a device available for testing so I cannot 100% say that it will work. Off the record 😉 I can say that it will most likely work!

As with all updates; if you like the new functionality, please rate and review the app in the store. If you find bugs or have any other remarks please let us know so I can do something about it! 🙂

You can find my app here Mircules.HAM.DXCluster.Lite.Android

YouTube video with Bluetooth CAT Demo

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