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One of the biggest HAM radio contests of the year was this weekend; the CQ World Wide DX Contest 2013.

This is a voice contest (we talk to each other) and the goal is to make as many talks to as many far away places as possible. It lasts 48 hours; the whole weekend. Some people really do this the full 48 hours and make hundreds / thousands of contacts. I only did this for a few hours so my number of contacts was “only” 202.

I had some nice “new ones” and some older ones that were still nice to have!

Among the new ones; Costa Rica, Ascension Island, Liechtenstein and Aruba.

Some older ones that were still nice to have were; Kuwait, Indonesia, Cape Verde, Andorra, Bonaire and Ceuta And Melilla.

I made a google map of all the contacts I made. Looks pretty nice; real HAM Radio art! 😉

All the contacts I made in the 2013 CW WW DX Contest

Click here to see a bigger version


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